Conference Schedule

You are greeted by our conference staff and the sounds of music as you enter the Milwaukee Art Museum. After picking up your name tag and group assignment, you enter majestic Windhover Hall with its breathtaking view of Lake Michigan and join your group of fellow writers or artists. Conference founder John Hallagan delivers opening remarks and instructions for the day. 

Groups attend the “Making Connections” video in Lubar Auditorium and then head into the visiting Exhibit Gallery to explore the artwork and discuss story and sketch ideas.

Everyone reunites in Windhover Hall for a snack. 

Returning to the Auditorium, groups view the "Tell Me a Story" video.  Moving once again through the Exhibit Gallery, the writers and artists choose their inspirational artwork and then find their assigned tables to write their first drafts.

This is quiet time in the museum as writers create their first drafts and artists begin to sketch.

A pizza luncheon with musical accompaniment is served in Windhover Hall.

Groups view the "Sharing" video in Lubar Auditorium.

Returning to their tables, Writer groups share 1st drafts and Artist groups share sketches. Members of the groups collaborate to enhance the quality of their works. 

Writers revise and write final drafts and Artists refine sketches and ink drawings in Windhover Hall. 

Writers submit their finished manuscript and Artists submit their inked drawing in Windhover Hall. 

Students and teachers depart from the Museum Main Entrance. 

Copies of the Art of Writing book are delivered to participants in May.