Participant Testimonials

Testimonials from Young Authors and Artists- November 2012

“If I had to describe the conference in one word, I would say...”

“...inspiring!” L.P. Grade 8

“...intriguing.” C. K Grade 12

“...outstanding.” M.Z. grade 5

“...amazing!” A. P. Grade 5

“...brilliant!” A. W. Grade 4

“!” M.F. Grade 4

“The best part of the entire day (besides lunch) was...”

“...looking at the art.” V.C. Grade 4

“...when we watched the three videos. They really helped me realize my mistakes.” M.M. Grade 5

“...getting the constructive criticism and hearing everyone’s stories.” H.L. Grade 8

“...finding my inspiration. It was easier than it has been in the past.” L.H. Grade 10

“...writing and looking at all the artwork.” M.F. Grade 4

“...getting to know new people.” S.B. Grade 5

“I think the film in the auditorium was...”

“...helpful and showed me how to collaborate well and not be afraid to write what I feel.” N.E. Grade 8

“...educational yet entertaining.” M.K. Grade 5

“...exceptional. It covered what we needed to know without making it complicated.” A.N. Grade 4

“...informative and it helped and encouraged me to give my best to the rest of my group.” M.D. Grade 8

“...very instructive on what needed to be completed.” M.K. Grade 8

“I think the writing process we used was...”

“...good because it let me use real-life experience, but also gave me freedom.” R.H. Grade 8

“...I liked hearing each other edit and giving feed-back so that your stories could be better.” A.W. Grade 5

“ help you to write better and be a better writer.” C.Z. Grade 4

“...very good. It really helped me connect to the art.” A.N. Grade 4

“...really great because the writing and giving feed-back would be really helpful for school as well.” H. Grade 7

“...helpful to get our words down on paper, and then go back and get criticism before writing our final draft.” R.B. Grade 7

“...very unique but effective. I was really able to connect with the art and create ideas from them.” M.T. Grade 7

“I will remember this experience as...”

“...a time to get to write and give feed-back to other young writers my age.” A.W. Grade 5

“ awesome way to figure out and practice what I love!!” M.L. Grade 12

“...a time when I wrote an amazing story and got to meet new people.” H.L. Grade 8

“ that made me a stronger writer.” C.M. Grade 12

“....very fun and a great way to make new writer friends.” J.S. Grade 5

“...a great way to get published and make new friends!” H.D. Grade 5

“... a step in my future, because I met new people I can relate things to, and can be more open to people.” J.G. Grade 10

“... a positive one I can look back and be proud of.” A.M. Grade 12

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one...” John Lennon

Free Comments:

“I think of the architecture as a building of the future.” T.W. Grade 5

“Keep on keeping on” C.M. Grade 12

“Really fun, sad to leave.” C.S. Grade 5

“The lake, the sparkle, the music and art, it was all gorgeous.” J.H.

“I liked the art and would like to come back here.” A.W. Grade 5

“I think this conference is really good for writers and artists. Not only do we get a break from school, but we get to really learn in depth about writing in a great, peaceful environment.” S.R. Grade 7

“I enjoyed this great opportunity to become an author.” B. Grade 5

“I want to do this again.” E. Grade 5

“I really liked the group ( student and advisor) because it felt personal. J.G. Grade 10

“Keep serving the donuts. Thanks.” L.W. Grade 5